Common Computer Issues and How to Deal with Them

Computers are very complex machines, which means there are many ways in which a laptop or desktop computer can malfunction, and when that happens, it is usually at a time when you really do need to do something important. Here are just a few of the common issues that can occur with a computer, along with suggestions on how best to deal with it.

  1. The Computer Boots Up, But the Screen is Black – The most likely cause of this is a video card malfunction, and with affordable computer repair in London, the specialist can install a new VGA card, which will have the screen working again.
  2. Computer is Unusually Slow – There are a number of causes for this, with the most likely being the machine is cluttered up with old data. There are software programs that de-clutter the hard drive by removing unwanted data and invalid registry entries, which will normally result in the computer regaining its performance.
  1. No Power – When you turn on the computer and no lights come on, this is probably due to a faulty power supply, and a technician can fit a new power supply unit within a few minutes. Of course, the technician would have to diagnose the problem and if it is a faulty power supply, he can order a replacement, which can be fitted without any issues.
  1. The Computer Fails to Boot Up – This might be a software problem, and when this happens, there will usually be a message to tell you the reason. If you know how, you can always use system restore, which will reset the computer to a previous date and time when everything was working.

Unless you have experience in computer diagnosis and repair, you are advised to speak to a technician and ask them to take a look.

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