Everything Businesses Must Know About Dedicated Internet Access!

Streaming videos online on Netflix is different than running ten different applications online. To be more precise, internet connection for business needs to be dedicated, secure and stable. Typically, for personal needs, you can afford to share the connection with other houses in your area, but for your business, you need dedicated internet access (DIA). In this post, we are discussing everything that your business needs to know.

What exactly is dedicated internet access?

Basically, in case of a general connection, the internet speed is shared by a number of users. As such, the total bandwidth is divided. During peak hours or everyone is downloading at the same time, you cannot expect to get the same speed on a shared connection like you would in the middle of the night. The speed depends on other factors too, such as the device you are using. The downtime, if any, however, can be crucial for businesses, and that’s exactly where dedicated internet access comes in the picture.

Why consider DIA as an option?

As a business, you have to find a service provider, who offers dedicated internet access or DIA. The benefits of adopting the same are many. Firstly, you will get guaranteed speed, and that kind of ensures that your business doesn’t have to deal with downtime. Keep in mind that even one minute of downtime can affect thousands of tasks and processes. DIA ensures that you don’t get struck in traffic.

Secondly, dedicated internet access ensures the download and upload speed remain balanced. For example, if you are using VoIP or even something simple video conferencing, you need both speeds. Not to forget, dedicated internet access doesn’t come with as many security concerns, because the internet is not being shared with others. This can prevent a lot of security breaches and can add value to cyber security.

Final word

If you are considering dedicated internet access, make sure that you hire a company or service provider that offers assurance and support around the clock. They should be able to handle queries and questions as required and should mention the speed on request. Check the service agreement in detail, and do consider the costs. While there is no denying that DIA comes for a charge, you still need to do your homework well and find a service that offers a budget-oriented package.

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